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FSYF Advisory Council

Longstanding members of the Foreign Service community, particularly those with experience helping families and children of employees from the various Foreign Affairs Agencies, are welcome to apply to join our Advisory Council.  

At a minimum, the Council exists to offer guidance to the FSYF Board of Directors as necessary and is welcome to provide additional assistance with all aspects of FSYF operations.

Current Advisory Council Members

Kay Branaman Eakin

President Emerita

Thomas P. Shearer

Director, Office of Overseas Schools (OOS) 

Rebecca Grappo

Founder of RNG International Educational Consultants, Former FLO Education and Youth Officer

Ambassador John Lange

Retired Foreign Service, Former FSYF Board

Ray Leki

Director of Foreign Service Institute Transition Center

Alyson Rose-Wood
Former Foreign Service youth, FSYF Board Member, and Program Director (Globetrotters)

Ambassador Ruth Davis

Retired Foreign Service, Former FSYF Board

Linda Gravelink

Former FSYF President

Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Honorary Member

Former Foreign Service Youth

Additional Information

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Interested in becoming an Advisory Council member? 

Contact us at:

Foreign Service Youth Foundation

P.O. Box 50663

Arlington, VA  22205


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