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Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Transition Center Resources

FSI's Transition Center and Overseas Briefing Center, both located on the campus of the George P. Schultz National Foreign Affairs Training Center in Arlington Virginia, offer a wealth of information and opportunities for Foreign Service families.

The Transition Center serves U.S. Government employees and family members of all foreign affairs agencies assigned to diplomatic posts abroad, providing training, referrals and information, as well as retirement planning workshops.

The Transition Center also assists personnel returning from Iraq, Afghanistan, or other high-threat assignments through the High Stress Assignment Out brief Program.

Training Division – offers workshops and courses on Foreign Service life skills and security training to prepare foreign affairs employees and their family members for overseas assignments or re-entry to the U.S.

The Foreign Service Life Skills Training – offers employees and their family training for effectiveness in the foreign affairs community and foreign service lifestyle by facilitating transitions throughout their careers. The continuum of training begins with presentations and courses targeting those new to foreign service life. In addition to employee-focused training, some courses are designed specifically for spouses, while other courses focus on children's concerns.

Security Training – seeks to raise the security awareness for those serving overseas, help people identify risks, and aid them in reducing their vulnerabilities to criminal and terrorist threats overseas. These security seminars are designed to meet the needs of the U.S. Government employee, their family members and partners, private sector organizations, and study abroad administrators. Classes are held regularly on topics pertaining to Foreign Service Life Skills and Security Overseas.

Overseas Briefing Center (OBC) – provides U.S. Government employees and their family members with:

  • extensive country research materials for an overseas or domestic assignment;
  • logistical information for an international move;
  • cultural adjustment resources; and
  • expert assistance in identifying the resources needed for transitions in the Foreign Service lifestyle.

The Amazing Adventures of (Me): A Guided Journal to My International Move!   - This guided journal from the Transition Center features activities-filled pages to facilitate discussion as children process and prepare for an international move.  Activities are designed to engage children, with prompts to ask a parent for more information.  Look inside this free, printable e-publication to find activities that encourage curiosity and discovery, read quotes from kids who have experienced moving overseas, try games that prompt discussion, and more!  An accompanying Parent Companion guide provides context to help formulate discussion and understanding of the emotional journey of your child.  Help your children write their own story with their hearts and minds!  Your children will explore the various stages of an international move and discover how they are feeling about the upcoming transition.

Realities of Overseas Life - Free Online Training

Raising Children Overseas - Video Presentation by Dr. Elmore Rigamer

Transition Center Contact: or (703) 746-2358

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